Center For Sustainable Built Environment

Sustainable Built Environment catalyses the transformation of the building and construction industry towards an inclusive, low-carbon and climate resilient pathway.

Scope of Niko Green building services

  • Green building rating and certification - Get in touch with us to gain guidelines, tools and indicators used for design, assessment and certification of high performance buildings and precints.
  • Green building policy advisory We work with the government and the wider sector to identify and bridge the knowledge and skills gaps around a sustainable built environment.
  • Climate vulnerability and resilience analysis for Infrastructure projects to support climate-proofing of infrastructure against adverse weather events and minimize the opportunity for near-term and long-term financial regret.
  • Post Occupancy Evaluations We provide tools for ongoing sustainable operations and green building education to build capacity for future projects.
  • Dilapidation surveys and Deconstruction Audits - We provide property inspections and provide dilapidation reports that document the condition of a building prior to construction, development or demolition works commencing on a neighbouring property.
  • Green leases We advise landlords and tenants on how to structure tenancy agreements or leases that articulate how a building is to be occupied, operated and managed in a sustainable way.
  • Green Building Accredited Professional training - To empower architecture, engineering and construction professionals to enable them integrate sustainability thinking and action into the design, construction and operations of buildings and infrastructure.

Selected programs/projects:

  1. Development of GreenMark Standard for Rating and Certification of Green Buildings
  2. Endelevu Babycare Program that aims at establishing smart and climate-smart breastfeeding and daycare facilities (creches) in colleges, markets and other public workplaces.
  3. Safer Roofs Program which aims to map buildings with asbestos-containing materials, safely remove and dispose of the asbestos roofing sheets and retrofit the roofs with safer materials.
  4. Co-hosting Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF)’s regional Hub in Kenya which champions the reduction of embodied carbon in buildings and infrastructure through research and policy advisory services, and training.