Center For Education for Sustainability


Education for Sustainability

Champions Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and greening of universities, colleges and schools.

NIKO GREEN builds on the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) projects undertaken by its spin-off non-profit organization, the World Student Community for Sustainable (WSCSD), to transform education institutions into centers of excellence in sustainability.

Scope of Niko Green education services

  • Integrating sustainability with learning We create an “educational” infrastructure that establishes the Campus/school as classroom and a living laboratory, where the community can see and interact with sustainable infrastructure in a way that builds knowledge and awareness about the impact of individual and institutional behaviour.
  • Giving students real-life work experience There is practical application of their knowledge and acquisition of soft skills such as communication, critical and whole-systems thinking, problem-solving and responsible citizenship to improve their employability and create their own green enterprises.
  • Sector-specific professional development climate change course Development that is fit to the country’s industrial training systems; one to one coaching for postgraduate students and professionals