Center For Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainable Food Systems Supports the development of a sustainable food system with farms, markets and vendors, for reliable access to healthy, affordable, sustainably-produced and responsibly-consumed food and nutrition.

Scope of Niko Green agricultural services

  • Climate Risk Analysis - We analyze major food value chains and identification of business opportunities in climate-smart agriculture (CSA).
  • CSA Governance - Policy influencing and operationalization of climate-smart agriculture plans.
  • Deployment of climate-smart technologies - To reduce greenhouse gases emissions, increase water and energy efficiencies.
  • Sustainable management of food waste - Through waste reduction measures, composting and anaerobic digestion.
  • Promotion of healthy diets - Through research, training and public awareness campaigns.
  • Certification of Integrated Farm Management practices

Selected programs/projects:

  1. Anaerobic Digestion project at Oserian Flower Farm
  2. NARIG Project technical advisory