Rio 20 Treaty On Higher Education

This Treaty, developed in May 2012, is the latest in a series of documents which emerges out of a need to rethink higher education and its role in a transition towards a more sustainable society. It has been written at a time when there is mounting concern for the future of people and planet but also fresh opportunities to act through commitments such as the Sustainable Development Goals.
The Treaty has been drafted by representatives from twenty five higher education agencies, organisations, associations and student groups rooted in different parts of the world. The cross-cultural dialogue and development process underpinning this document has served to build collaborative links and ownership. 
It has paved the way for a new consolidated platform for cooperation beyond the Rio+20 event in June 2012. It is envisaged that the document could lead to joint implementation projects and the sharing of best practices as well as modalities that are less bureaucratic.
Those signing this Treaty are seeking pathways and possibilities for progressing sustainability in higher education. They are 
committing to contribute towards societies that are fair, participatory, future facing and peaceful and able to restore the integrity of Earth’s ecological systems, as well as promote human development in an equitable and inclusive manner.