Africa Environmental Education and Training Action Plan

The Africa Environmental Education and Training Action Plan (AEETAP) was initiated by the UNEP AMCEN Secretariat in partnership with the UNEP Environmental Education and Training Unit (EETU) following the 2012 Arusha Declaration 18, which states: 

To agree to strengthen environmental education and training and develop an action plan for Africa, covering formal and non-formal education, capacity-building and information networking components, among others, and to explicitly include a focus on technology-enhanced learning in this action plan.

The main objective of the AEETAP is to enhance community environmental education and training within the continent, through various formal education, training, lifelong learning and capacity building programmes and projects, encouraging participation of both males and females equally.

These programmes and projects are envisaged to fundamentally improve the environmental, societal and economic state of Africa for the benefit of Africa’s people, and are closely aligned to the five AMCEN flagship programmes.